Winstrol aqueous (Stanozolol Water Based)-10 ml. X 75 Mg.

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Winstrol Water based TN Pharma (water based)-stanozolol or stromba-is a multidose vial of 10ml. Aqueous solution for intramuscular use. Vinstrol TN contains 75 Mg. Stanozolol In 1ml. This American Vinstrol is a familiar and very popular option designed for all who prefer quality and high-end anabolic Stimulants. Top price!

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Product Description

  • manufacturer: TN Pharma, USA
  • packing: 10ml. Vial (75mg/ml)
  • Farmacevično name: Stanozolol


General information about Vinstrol/american Stanozolol:

Winstrol of the American firm TN Pharma (Trusted Nutrients) is distinguished qualitatively from other anabolics on the market for Stimulants: the vial contains 75 mg. Stanozolol in 1 ml. Aqueous Solution. This water-based vinstrol of Tian Pharma is designed for all who prefer uninitiated quality and high-end STEROIDS.

Biochemical comes to technology of the highest class, namely for a new formula with prolonged effect on the protein exchange, which is sought and desired by All. Winstrol TN Pharma (water based) increases the build up of protein in the musculature while being as gentle as possible for the body in terms of androgenic action. In synthetic production of this preparation are reduced to a minimum the undesirable side effects. In addition to burning fat, vinstrol TN is particularly efficient in building endurance, muscle relief, effective muscle mass and short-time strength-in a cycle of 30 to 45 days.

Dosage and Intake: Vinstrol TN Pharma is well known to athletes and athletes and be administered intramuscularly. It is applied from 50 to 100 mg. Day or three times a week. Winstrol TN is suitable for all athletes who want to achieve meaningful results in short Time.

side Effects: Vinstrol Stanozolol Gives a high level of muscle growth. In anabolic terms, the drug is rather moderate compared to other significantly stronger substances.


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