Tritrenabol-10 Ml. x 200 Mg.

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Tritrenabol 200 of TN Pharma is a new formula of the familiar parabola mix of three trenbolone ester and is renowned as one of the best stimulants for muscle Growth. It has been shown that tritrenabol effectively increases the strength, size and definition of the Muscles. This trenbolone complex is designed for all who hold pharmaceutical quality and high-end anabolic Stimulants.

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Product Description

  • manufacturer: TN Pharma, USA
  • packing: 10ml. Vial (200mg/ml) for repeated use
  • Farmacevično name: Trenbolone Acetate 50 mg/ml

Trenbolone Enanthate 100 MG/ML

Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl Carbonate 50mg/ml


General information about the Tritrenabol 200/trenbolone mix:

Tritrenabol of the American firm TN Pharma (nemesis nutrients) is a new formula of the familiar Trenbolone mix and is distinguished qualitatively by the anabolic products of other Manufacturers. The reusable vial contains three esters of trenbolone-acetate, enanthate and base-in a concentration of 200 mg. In 1 ml. This trenbolone of Tian Pharma is designed for all who hold pharmaceutical grade and high-end anabolic stimulants.

Effect: The presence of acetate ester allows a rapid initial physiological response. The other two esters hexahydrobenzylcarbonate and Enanthate, which are released more slowly, continue the physiological response through a relatively fluid absorciâ. Trenbolone is one of the best anabolic agents that assist protein Synthesis. It causes a positive nitrogen balance, stimulates appetite and promotes the conversion of proteins into muscle tissue. In laboratory conditions it has been shown that trenbolone (Trenbolone) besides increasing protein exchange, reduces fat deposition. Experience has shown that it is an excellent anabolic steroid to increase strength, size and definition of muscles in a proper diet, rich in protein and calories. Trenbolone contributes to the construction of body tissues and has a catabolic effect.

steroid regimens: We recommend the combination of 1 ml. Tritrenabol TN every two days and 50 mg. Stromba (Stanozolol) every other day or 50 mg. Testovis (Testosterone Propionate) Every two days. Athletes who are interested in faster muscle mass growth are often added and 30mg. Dianabol TN (Methandienone) per day. In combination with 25mg. Anavar TN (Oxandrolone) daily The preparation is used for strength Preparation.

dosage: when taking from 200 mg to 300 mg. weekly, tritrenabol TN does not harm the Liver. Use within a cycle of up to 8 weeks is Recommended. Then there was no change in the own production of Hormones. In longer cycles it is good to adopt testosterone stimulating preparations at the end of the cycle such as rotten 1500 IU (hcg), Rotten 5000 (hcg) or Proviron (Mesterolone) to Bayer AG. Most athletes inject it twice a week. Experience has shown that good results are achieved at doses of 1 ampoule every second day.


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